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RestyleMe lets you judge others and not feel guilty about it

Judge other people's fashion with RestyleMe.

As of two years ago People magazine was raking in a whopping $1.5 billion in revenue. Much of the magazine is photos of celebrities or other people of interest that others pay simply to flip through. One of the recurring (and most popular) features has celebrities wearing some of the worst clothing, picked out especially by the editors--usually with wonderfully snarky commentary.

In the same spirit is RestyleMe, which lets anyone with a mouse pick away at other people's "style" (or your own) in one of 10 categories with simple thumbs-up and thumbs-down voting. Like StumbleUpon, clicking to vote will take you to the next page, although the next person it jumps you to isn't based on any sort of recommendation system. The categories are simple things like hair, teeth, and clothing. You can also delve deeper with tattoos, eye wear, and facial hair.

What makes the site great is that it's additively simple. One click and you're on to something new. Or you can dig deeper and see what other people have voted on for the person you just passed judgment on.

Besides browsing, everyone's photos can be organized in tags. As with a person's style, you can vote on tags as well, skimming off the bad ones and promoting the good ones. While I can't imagine myself using this site on a daily basis, it's certainly a lot of fun and brings a human touch to the equation that FaceStat, which we looked at last week did not.

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Judge away in 10 different categories. Don't worry about any guilt though, you can do this with total anonymity. CNET Networks