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ReQall's iPhone app saves brain cells, cell phone minutes

One of the most useful iPhone apps helps you remember all sorts of things using voice notes and transcription.

If you're not the type of person to carry around a notepad or voice recorder with you, there are a handful of Web services raring to help you out if you've got a mobile phone. ReQall, a service that launched back at Demo 07 has a great new iPhone application that does just that. I got in touch with Sunil Vemuri, ReQall's chief product officer who showed it off during one of today's CEO pitch sessions at the AlwaysOn Summit.

The application's killer feature is that it saves your notes both locally and to the cloud. It also sends these notes to ReQall's servers without using your voice minutes--that is as long as you can note down everything you want to say within the 30 second allotment. Previously you had to type them in to nix having to make a phone call. Vemuri says the service will transcribe them in just a few minutes, but since launching with the app store a few weeks ago, that time has gone up drastically--leading to some negative reviews. Vemuri told me they're working to get the time back to just a minute or two.

Another nice feature is the "Memory Jogger," which will pop up one of your upcoming reminders when you shake your phone in order to get you to start thinking about it ahead of time. It's fun, silly, and makes use of the device's accelerometer. I honestly doubt many people are going to use it, except by accident, but it sort of doubles like a flash card tester.

The new application is definitely a step up from the Web version that launched back in early March. It'll let you swipe back and forth between things noted in time, things, and people categories. One thing that's missing, though, is integration with the phone's built-in calendaring tool. This is due to a limitation in Apple's iPhone SDK, something Vemuri hopes will be changed in later revisions. For now he says a good workaround is to subscribe to the calendar feed provided by ReQall in your Exchange-compatible e-mail client.

Reqall's iPhone app gets around the issue of using your mobile phone minutes to make notes by sending your reminder as an audio file instead. / QTech Inc.