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Reprogrammable cell phone SIMs: Clever

Cubic Telecom has a neat solution for international travelers sick of usurious cellular roaming rates.

I hate traveling internationally with my cellular phone, because if I use it, the call charges while roaming are absurdly high. So here's a really clever solution: Cubic Telecom sells phones that you can reprogram over the Web with local numbers for wherever you are going. There's a daily charge for using the international numbers, but minutes used in a foreign country, when you are there, are charged at local rates, not the ridiculous fees you'll get hit for if you use your home number.

The news (if I got this right), is that you can now get a Cubic SIM card to use on your own phone, as long as it's an unlocked GSM model.

The phones can also work on WiFi when that network is available. When on WiFi, calls are free.

Seen at: TechCrunch 40 event