Regifted! Facebook resets Gifts event for post-Sandy NYC

The Facebook Gifts event is on again, this time for November 15, a little deeper into the shopping season, after Hurricane Sandy forced a postponement.

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Shara Tibken
Facebook invite
Facebook has rescheduled its Gifts events for November 15, making its second attempt to hold the presser in New York following problems from Hurricane Sandy.

The event, originally scheduled for November 1, will now be held next week. It will still take place at the FAO Schwarz on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan.

Sandy, which swept through New York early last week, caused widespread power outages and transportation issues, and that led many companies to cancel or postpone their events. That included a couple events scheduled by Facebook, as well as a device launch by Google.

Facebook again gave few details about its event, but it is expected to provide information about retailer partnerships for its Gifts service. The offering, which went live in September, allows Facebook users to give each other physical gifts by sending them through the social network.

The company last week also said users can donate to charities using Facebook Gifts. Users can either chose one of the 11 nonprofits with whom Facebook has partnered, or let their friends choose a charity for the donation.