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Reddit says it now has 1B video views per month

The message-board platform started hosting videos on its own in August of last year.

Getty Images

Reddit just reached a milestone in video views.

In August last year, the popular online message-board site started hosting videos, rather than relying on third-party hosting platforms. It now has over 1 billion native video views every month, it said in a blog post Tuesday. Reddit is now serving 400,000 hours of natively hosted video every day, and nearly 70 percent of this traffic is from Reddit apps on smartphones.

"We've seen rich content and conversation continue to coexist within communities in a way that is authentic to Reddit and its thousands of communities," the company said in the post.

This follows the shift of focus that began at Reddit in 2017, when the company rolled out the ability to host videos and images on its own, and enabled ads in native videos. Before Reddit launched the native hosting ability, users had to post videos on third-party platforms like YouTube, then post the video links on Reddit.

The number of video views on Reddit is still far lower than the total YouTube enjoys. YouTube streams 1 billion hours of video every day, according to a spokesperson. 

Reddit is also collaborating with companies like Nintendo, Netflix and Audi on video ad campaigns.