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Razer Edge Pro tablet pre-orders shut down due to high demand

Existing stock of the Windows 8 gaming tablet has already run out, which means no more pre-orders for now.

The Razer Edge Pro.
Razer Edge Pro

Demand for the Razer Edge Pro has already managed to exceed supply, forcing its manufacturer to curtail its pre-order program.

Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan broke the news this week via the company's Facebook page:

We've had to stop taking pre-orders for the Razer Edge Pro as the pre-orders have gone beyond our forseeable manufacturing capacity (i.e. all stock is sold out for the months to come). We're doing all we can to get manufacturing lines up and running so please bear with us.

We're doing everything we can to get more units out in the coming months. We appreciate the patience.

Razer offers two versions of the Edge -- a standard edition and the pro edition. Though the pro model is sold out, the standard edition is still available for pre-order, albeit in "very limited quantities," according to Tan.

The Razer Edge leads a dual life. Its primary role is as a 10-inch gaming tablet that can be used on its own or when connected to a TV. But it can also double as a full-fledged Windows 8 computer with the addition of a keyboard, docking station, and other accessories. The device packs some powerful specs, and as such, doesn't come cheap.

The standard edition sports an Intel Core i5 processor and a 64GB solid-state drive and sells for $999.

The Razer Edge Pro is powered by an Intel Core i7 chip. A 128GB SSD model goes for $1,299, while the 256GB SSD version will set you back $1,449. Adding a keyboard and other accessories ups the price even more.

The Edge was named the Best Gaming Product of CES 2013 by CNET.

Pre-orders kicked off March 1, so it took a little more than a week for Razer to run out of available stock.

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