RadioMail can find, retrieve Web pages

RadioMail provided agents that go online and automatically retrieve Web pages.

RadioMail today provided users of its wireless Internet access service with agents that can be programmed to go out over the Internet and automatically retrieve and deliver Web pages.

RadioWeb allows business users to access corporate intranets and public Web sites from outside their offices without hooking up to a telephone line. The RadioMail service is available from Ardis, RAM, cellular, and CDPD wireless networks for notebook and handheld computers, as well as PDAs. Current RadioMail customers have immediate access to the new service and, for the next 90 days, other Internet users can evaluate RadioWeb by sending a message to the company.

The expansion of the RadioMail Service is further evidence of the growing interest in wireless solutions for content delivery, a trend fueled by users' desire for high-speed connections at a lower cost than ISDN or fiber-optic lines.

Among the leaders in the push to wireless communication is CAI Wireless, which announced recently that it will begin testing a wireless Internet modem capable of transmitting 10 million bits of information per second, a giant leap ahead of the 28.8-kbps speed provided by standard telephone modems and the 128-kbps ISDNs.

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