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Quizlet: Flash cards made easy

Quizlet lets you design and use flash cards made right in your browser. You can share your card sets with others and even test yourself.

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Quizlet is a cool flash card tool that lets you design and use your own study guides for tests, exams, or anything else that needs to be burned into your brain. Quizlet lets you design your own simple questions and answers. After you're done you can quiz yourself onscreen. Quizlet randomizes the questions and keeps track of the ones you miss for retesting. You can also share your quizzes and get in touch with other Quizlet users to discuss changes to the content or tips on how to remember the tough ones.

As a recent college grad, I remember all too well what a pain it was to write out flash cards. Even worse, trying to borrow someone else's. Part of the learning process is certainly writing things down, but considering most of us type faster than we write with a pen or pencil, Quizlet is on to something good.