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Quikmaps does what Google Maps failed to do

Is Quikmaps better than Google's own MyMaps creation?

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn

When Google launched its MyMaps feature last year I was pretty excited about the potential for creating things with it. Growing up in a house that required giving very complex directions because Mapquest would deliver people to the other end of our neighborhood I looked forward to making simple, personalized maps that could be shared easily. While the big G has done a great job adding a directory of special layers, the tools for creating your own maps have not seen that same advancement.

To answer that call Quikmaps, a third party tool that plugs into the same Google Maps data, is a far simpler solution letting you simply doodle on the map. In some cases this can be far more useful than Google's straight line tool like when you're creating turns and arcs (not all streets are straight). The best part is that the results will scale when you zoom in and out. Still included is a straight line tool, but between the two Google actually has a stronger effort since it shows the distance between each segment.

Map creations can be embedded, which I've done after the break. You can also share them via e-mail or with a simple URL.

[via Lifehacker]

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