Puzzle extension turns any Web image into a game

Turn any image into a puzzle with a new extension for Firefox. It can make your dreary work day that much more exciting.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn

Here's a fun extension from the experimental section of Mozilla's Firefox add-ons site. It's called Puzzle, and once installed lets you turn any image from a page you're on into a sectional puzzle with pieces that can be moved around. Upon completion you have the option to ramp up the difficulty, which goes all the way up to a 15x15 grid. It's also able to resize larger images into smaller, laptop-friendly versions.

To toggle it on you simply right click on an image and select which difficulty you want. It then opens up the image (in puzzle form) in a new tab.

I didn't have any luck getting it to work with Firefox 3.1 beta 2, however it worked fine in the current public build of Firefox 3. As with all experimental add-ons, you'll need to be registered with Mozilla to download it.

With Puzzle installed you can take any photo and turn it into a quick game. CNET Networks / Josh Lowensohn