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Pornhub wants you to use its new VPN

For those who want to get security tools from the same place they get adult videos.


Pornhub is offering a free VPN.


Pornhub is giving you a way to browse in anonymity. 

The company said Thursday that it's rolling out a free VPN called VPNhub.

A VPN is a virtual private network. CNET's Laura Hautala describes it like this: "A VPN redirects your internet traffic, disguising where your computer, phone or other device is when it makes contact with websites." 

It also encrypts information when you send it across the internet. In other words: It's exactly the sort of tool you'd want to cover your tracks when you're watching adult videos online.

"While many people employ a VPN service for any number of reasons while browsing the Internet, a good number of them use it to circumvent and bypass restrictions to access adult content," said Pornhub Vice President Corey Price in a statement. Price also said you can use the VPN for general internet browsing. 

There's also a premium version of the VPN with faster browsing speeds that costs $11.99 a month for Android users and $14 for iOS.

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