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Pokemon Go catches 15 million users

Everyone's trying to catch 'em all. Looks like Nintendo already has.


If you've gotten the sense that everyone around you is playing Pokemon Go, you're right. According to app research firm SensorTower, the iOS and Android app just crossed 15 million downloads.

Adding to the news from Tuesday that Pokemon Go is more popular than Facebook, the staggering download figure comes less than a week after the game launched. This could be why so many people have encountered server issues when trying to log on.

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In case you don't know, Pokemon Go asks you to actually get off your behind and go exploring. You need to walk around your neighborhood to find and capture the monsters of Pokemon that you can see in real life locations by looking through your phone's camera. It's led to a lot of accidental exercise here in the US, and it will be expanding to other countries soon.

For everything else you need to know about Pokemon Go, check out our guide.