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Pinterest Web Analytics tool weighs your popularity

The social network's new tool gives Web site owners insight into how people are interacting with pins from their Pinterest pages.

Pinterest's Web Analytics
Pinterest's Web Analytics

Pinterest has launched a new Web analytics tool for site owners who want to see how well their pages are performing on the social network.

The tool, dubbed Pinterest Web Analytics, is available to companies with a verified Web site on the social network. The analytics provide detailed information on how many people have pinned something from their site, seen pins from their pages, or visited their site from the social network. The analytics also show repinned items, most clocked, and most recent pins.

Getting verified on Pinterest isn't a long process. Site owners who have a Pinterest profile need only input their Web address and ask for verification. From there, they'll add an HTML file to their server or insert a META tag into their site header to prove they're the owner. They then can use the tool.

Pinterest watched its star soar last year as millions jumped to the site to share all kinds of items with friends. The social network has become so successful that last month it raised $200 million in a funding round based on a $2.5 billion valuation. Last May, the company landed $100 million in funding on a $1.5 billion valuation.

The issue with Pinterest, however, is that it has had trouble actually making money. Getting companies to be more involved in its service is likely the first step in achieving profit. The Analytics tool could help Pinterest make its case that it's driving value to companies.

Pinterest's analytics tool is available now. The company has promised more business-oriented tools in the coming months.