The Chrome extension for the Pinterest-obsessed

A new Chrome extension from Pinterest brings inspiring images to your new tab pages.

Sarah Mitroff Managing Editor
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Sarah Mitroff

Pinterest Tab gives your Chrome new tab pages a new look. Screenshot by Sarah Mitroff/CNET

Pinterest, the social bookmarking juggernaut, unveiled a Google Chrome browser extension today that turns your boring "new tab" pages into a daily dashboard with an oversize Pinterest pin. Meaning, every time you open a new tab in Chrome to search the web or go to a website, you're greeted with a pinned photo that fills the window.

The extension, called Pinterest Tab, runs in the background every time you open Chrome. Once you install it, you can tell the extension what kinds of pins (photos with links) that you want to see, such as Food, Sports, and Photography. Then, when you open a new tab, you'll see a pin that fits one of the categories you've picked. You can change those categories whenever you want, just click the plus sign at the top-right.

Pinterest Tab is a neat way to discover new pins you may never run across on Pinterest's website. With each new tab, you get a new pin, and you can then re-pin it to one of your boards to save it for yourself.

Besides making Chrome look a little prettier, the extension also gives you a daily dashboard of information, including a greeting with your name, weather information (based on your computer's location), and upcoming calendar events.

If you're interested, Pinterest Tab is available now in the Chrome Web Store.