Pinterest rolls out revamped iPhone and iPad app

Aiming to boost users' mobile pinning abilities, the social network updates its iOS app to make pin management faster and easier.

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Dara Kerr
Pinterest updates its iOS app to make pin management easier. Pinterest

Pinterest spruced up its iOS app today to make scrolling, pin management, and deleting comments easier.

"We've made a few tweaks behind the scenes so scrolling is smoother when you're going through pins," the pinning social network wrote in a blog post today. "We also added some features to make it easier to manage your pins."

Version 2.2 of the iPhone and iPad app focuses on making it simpler for users to edit their pins. Not only can users scroll through pins faster, but they can also update pin descriptions, change board locations, and delete pins. Pinterest has also made is possible for users to delete comments.

"Made a typo? See a comment you don't like? Now, you can delete your comments anywhere on Pinterest, and you can also delete any comments on your own pins," the company wrote.

Pinterest got serious about mobile and debuted its iOS and Android apps last August. At the time, Pinterest co-founder Ben Silbermann said the company wanted to help get users away from their desks and encourage them to interact more with the world. One of the app's first features was the ability to pin with a smartphone or tablet camera.

Last week, the social network also began redesigning its Web site. The company's goal is to create an overall faster and more dynamic site experience, so it is tweaking navigation and adding bigger pins.