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Photorgy: Post photos with AIM

It may sound naughty, but it's actually a photo-sharing site that relies on AOL Instant Messenger for uploading.

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The site is named Photorgy, and its tagline is "Do it with your friends," but the photo-sharing site isn't as risque it sounds like it might be.

Photorgy's photo-sharing site
Photorgy's photo-sharing site Photorgy

Photorgy enables members to upload images using AOL Instant Messenger's file transfer abilities, sending the images to the "photorgy" bot. The site houses pictures organized by AIM screen name; multiple people can share the same folder of photos for group image-sharing purposes.

"Photorgy isn't a porn site!" the site takes pains to explain. "Photorgy makes photo sharing a group activity that you and your close friends can all participate in and enjoy."

I couldn't get Photorgy to work, though, either through AIM or Trillian. The site spurned me as "user not activated," though I tried to activate by sending the Photorgy bot a message.

Three University of California students--Jason Su, Andy Chen and Aaron Tung--launched Photorgy in March. It now has 686 users who are sharing 99,658 photos.