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Personalized music rag Idio integrates music playlists

Read articles about musicians and listen to music at the same time.

Idio, a cool service that takes your musical tastes and serves up blog articles about musicians it thinks you might like, has added a handy feature for people who want to actually listen to the artists they're reading about. Its new built-in music player creates a track list of artists based on what you're reading about. Prior to this player, the service had little embedded clips you could click to listen to, but the newer iteration is a full player with playlist and button navigation.

When I first looked at Idio, I proclaimed it "Rolling Stone 2.0" and I stand by that. Print publications can't touch this kind of integration; that is unless they've got a pack-in CD and cues to skip to various tracks like a museum tour. In the recent months since my first look, the number of sources has increased, as well as the number of articles that now sits at over 6,000 a month. I hope that this will solve one of my main complaints, which was the recycling of articles from issue to issue. The service is also building a network of independent journalists who contribute to future magazines.

Reading about artists in Idio can now be accompanied by music related to what you're reading about. Neat. CNET Networks