Personal ads + Google Maps = HookupMaps

Looking for that special someone on Craigslist? If your other biggest problem is trying to figure out where they live, a site called HookupMaps has you covered.

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Warning: this site may not be SFW.

Finding that someone special is so tedious. Apparently, finding someone not-so-special, but good enough for right now is even harder. It requires, first, grooming, then flirting and conversing, and above all, going into dreaded designated meeting places like bars or yoga classes or--horror!--coffee shops. (You can tell I haven't dated in awhile, since I have no idea where people actually go to get a date. The dentist? A "writers' workshop"? Those are my best ideas.)

But never fear, all you lonely souls out there, because a new, semi-creepy application is to the rescue. A mix of Google Maps and Craigslist classifieds has resulted in HookupMaps, a service that shows you exactly where the people wanting to "hook up" in your city are. For instance, in San Francisco, I can tell you that in my friendly hood of the Mission, there are currently 518 people seeking people. It will also tell you the age and gender of each poster.

Look for local love by geography with Craigslist mashup HookupMaps. (Click to enlarge.) CNET Networks

The site also lets you filter your searches based on a few criteria: m4m, m4w, w4w, w4m, and whether the post contains a picture. You can search by city, neighborhood, or, disturbingly (or perhaps, ingeniously, if you really don't want to wade through all the dreck) by keyword. An example of a keyword search would be, "mature," or, "looking for love"...or perhaps I am being naive.

A few of my favorite headlines up on the site right now read, "I am Barack Obama going on a date with you," and, my personal favorite, "I drink beer in the shower." Yeah, that last guy seems like a real winner. I'm sure young, Bay Area women will be flocking to that post.

But seriously, you never know. With HookupMaps you can easily filter the online personal ads Craigslist has to offer and thereby take matters into your own hands. Now there is really no excuse to join Match.com.

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