PeopleSoft integrates J.D. Edwards software

New integration tools are intended to link software from recent acquisition J.D. Edwards with PeopleSoft's flagship package of enterprise software applications.

Matt Hines Staff Writer, CNET News.com
Matt Hines
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Matt Hines
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PeopleSoft released a set of integration tools Monday aimed at linking software from recent acquisition J.D. Edwards with its flagship package of enterprise software applications.

The company said it would officially begin distribution Wednesday of seven so-called preintegrations--software connectors that allow users of PeopleSoft Enterprise and PeopleSoft EnterpriseOne (formerly J.D. Edwards 5) to garner the benefits from both products.

Both enterprise software packages include applications that cater to business functions such as customer relationship management (CRM), human resources, financials and supply chain management.

The two companies' products have remained independent of each other since PeopleSoft closed the $1.7 billion merger in August. Earlier this month PeopleSoft said that it would tweak the pricing structure for all the companies' business applications as part of its postmerger integration efforts.

Among the connectors are tools designed to provide the following links: PeopleSoft's order capture software with J.D. Edwards' inventory and order management applications; PeopleSoft's sourcing tools with J.D. Edwards' procurement software; PeopleSoft's human resources applications with J.D. Edwards' financials tools; PeopleSoft's supply chain management software with J.D. Edwards' planning applications; PeopleSoft's financial tools with J.D. Edwards' asset management software; PeopleSoft's financial applications with J.D. Edwards' real estate tools; and integration for both companies' ledger applications.

Industry watchers viewed the release as a clear move by PeopleSoft to make it easier for customers to begin taking advantage of the strengths of both companies' applications.

Scott Nelson, an analyst with Gartner, said the move is also aimed at reassuring J.D. Edwards customers who might be worried about how PeopleSoft plans to integrate the two companies' products, and decreasing the likelihood that those customers might defect to the combined company's rivals.

"Some J.D. Edwards customers have been nervous about what happens during (the company's) transition," said Nelson. "This is a move to answer those concerns and make it harder for PeopleSoft competitors to pick those customers off."

The analyst said customers of both companies would look to begin tapping into the perceived areas of expertise of the two enterprise software packages. For instance, PeopleSoft is known to have more advanced CRM tools, and J.D. Edwards is popular among companies in manufacturing industries for its supply chain management applications.

"PeopleSoft clearly wants to take the best of both products and offer that to all of its customers," Nelson said. "Which applications customers choose to select from will largely depend on what sort of business they have."

PeopleSoft also announced a new set of performance management applications that aim to offer customers the ability to chart overall success via analytical software. The company continues to fend off a $7.25 billion hostile takeover bid from rival Oracle.