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PeopleJam: Help us help you

PeopleJam is a portal for lifestyle advice stocked with experts and life coaches aimed at being a network for people on the Web older than 25.

PeopleJam is a place for people looking to give and receive advice on health, relationships, spirituality and finances to connect with each other.


The site launched Monday and is in open beta right now. The founders have culled more than 150 "experts"--meaning writers, motivational speakers, counselors, finance experts and more--to blog on these lifestyle topics. There are also "lifecoaches" who also contribute content, both videos and text-based.

The idea is that PeopleJam will be the destination for people who have specific questions to create a profile, find answers to questions and add their own posts to the site, which encourages participation. The company calls it "social networking with purpose." It's aimed at Web users between 25 and 49, slightly older than the average Facebook/MySpace user.