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People love their tablets, report says

A new study shows that users are more satisfied with their tablets than their smartphones, and among tablets the iPad is king.

ComScore infographic: Today's U.S. Tablet Owner Revealed.
ComScore data on user satisfaction with tablets vs. smartphone. ComScore

Compared to smartphones, people are more satisfied with their tablets -- and of all tablets, they especially love the iPad, according to a new report by ComScore.

"New TabLens data showed that tablet owners were highly satisfied with their respective devices, with the average overall satisfaction rating reaching 8.6 on a 10-point scale," the ComScore report says. "In comparison, smartphone owners rated overall satisfaction with their device an 8.1."

Surveying 6,000 U.S. tablet owners over three months, the research company found out that iPad owners have the "highest level of satisfaction," closely followed by Kindle Fire owners. Android tablet (excluding the Kindle Fire) users marked the lowest levels of satisfaction but still scored strong with their tallies coming in higher than smartphone users.

Other interesting factoids out of ComScore's report are that iPad owners more often tend to be male, younger, and richer, while Kindle Fire users skew toward a female audience that is less wealthy. "Both Android and Kindle Fire users saw household income below that of iPad owners, aligning more closely with household income reported by smartphone owners," the report says.

The iPad's high satisfaction ratings could be why another report by ChangeWave Research found in June that Apple's tablet is favored among the vast majority of would-be tablet buyers with it being on the wish list of 73 percent of people who planned to buy a tablet in the near future.