PayPal + Slack = send money to colleagues with a 5-word command

This new Slack bot could make coffee runs easier among your office mates.

Sean Hollister Senior Editor / Reviews
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Sean Hollister
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Workplace transactions can be complicated. (Will you remember to pay your co-workers back?) Here's a potential five-word solution to your money-shifting problem: the new PayPal bot for Slack.

If your org (or social group) uses the popular Slack workplace communications platform and you happen to have a PayPal account, it could be as easy as typing this into your Slack chat:

"/paypal send $5 to @John"

Sounds pretty easy, yes?

Of course, you'll also need to get the bot approved by your Slack administrator, as I just discovered when I tried and failed to install it at CNET. And both parties will need need to log into their PayPal accounts and allow Slack to use them for transactions.

Update, 3:41p.m. PT: Plus, it'll charge you a fee if you use a credit card: I had to pay a $0.45 surcharge just to send $5.00 to a colleague.

As of Tuesday, the PayPal bot for Slack only supports users in the US, UK, Australia and Canada, but you could also try the similar LydiaBot if you live in France.

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