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Pandora retunes its mobile app

Headed to all users in the coming months, the new app for iOS and Android will offer a redesigned interface and new ways to navigate radio stations and other features.

Lance Whitney Contributing Writer
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Lance Whitney
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The new version of Pandora. Pandora

Pandora is revamping its mobile app to give its users a more personalized experience.

Currently in beta mode for a number of iOS and Android users, the new version of Pandora is slated to reach all users of the app in the coming months, Pandora announced Monday. And what will you find in the new app?

A redesigned interface aims to offer a simpler and cleaner design, designed to let you more easily choose and personalize your radio stations and navigate from the Station List to the Now Playing screen.

A new Personalization icon will provide a better view of your stations and help you return to previously listened-to songs. The icon will take you to a new Station Details screen where you can view your station history and the number of thumbs up and thumbs down you've given that station.

Finally, you'll be able to dig up more data on artists. A new "swipe and tap" navigation feature will show you key details about songs so you can learn more about new artists as well as your favorite performers.

Pandora is the Internet's biggest streaming music service with more than 76 million active listeners. A large and growing amount of their listening is mobile. These updates are the first fundamental redesign of Pandora's mobile look and feel in more than two years, and they give mobile listeners easier control over what Pandora believes they'll want to hear.

"This redesign allowed us to reflect and evolve on the core spirit of Pandora," Tony Calzaretta, vice president of design and creative at Pandora, said in a press release. "With this update, our team arrived at design solutions that exist at the intersection of instinctually and analytically driven insights. We did this with an emphasis on simplicity and clarity, so that we can maximize the listener's ability to personalize their stations and fit their desired Pandora experience."