Palace finds new realms

The Palace, a leader in online chat worlds, announces its release of a new commercial server to develop Palace communities.

CNET News staff
The Palace, an innovator in online chat worlds, today announced its release of a new commercial server for corporations interested in developing Palace communities.

The move signals The Palace's effort to move virtual world chat further into the corporate and commercial realms. As chat on the Internet becomes more popular, companies are lining up to offer solutions. For instance, WELL Engaged, an offshoot of The WELL, also entered the commercial market, offering its commercial conferencing services.

"This is really a response to corporate customer demand," Mike Maerz, president and CEO of The Palace, said in a statement. "A lot of time and resources have been spent developing Web sites where users visit for brief moments without ever returning. Increasingly, we are being approached by companies looking to get more out of their Web sites."

The Palace, with more than of 1,000 server sites and more than 350,000 client downloaded, produces virtual world chat software for the Web, a product that enables people and organizations to participate in a virtual community to talk, interact and share experiences in a graphical world on the Internet.

Palace clients include Sony, Capitol Records, Fox Broadcasting Network, Intel, SonicNet, MTV, Next Generation Online, the NFL, and House of Blues.

The Palace Commercial Unix Server replaces the beta version, which is in use at several corporate sites. The final version represents a complete rewrite of the software and is fully documented and supported by The Palace in-house Unix staff.