Oxynade picks up funding for events database

The European search technology company has picked up a series A round of funding. Its consumer product is European events search tool Happenr.

Josh Lowensohn Former Senior Writer
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Josh Lowensohn

Belgium-based Oxynade announced Tuesday that it's picked up a 1 million Euro series A round of funding led by investment group Arkafund along with Vinnof.

The company's current consumer service is a search engine for events called Happenr. It crawls sites for names, dates, addresses any any other information, and puts it in an index that can be searched and sorted. This is connected to a ticket-purchasing service, so users are able to browse and buy tickets to these events right from the site.

Happenr also has an API and a new iPhone app, with the former being a simple way for developers to add Happenr's events database to their applications. The iPhone app follows a similar path to services like Upcoming, Eventful, and others in letting you browse for goings-on by your current location.

Happenr is currently limited to European cities.