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OurStory tells your story with a little help from your friends

An interactive timeline lets users collaborate in remembering the past.

Want to make a timeline of your life, but can't remember every single detail? That's cool, if you use OurStory, an interactive Web timeline of, well, anything.

The site officially exited beta on Tuesday and launched Wednesday here at Demo 07. OurStory lets users collect and organize photos, videos, and blogs chronologically. It's a social timeline, because you can invite your family and friends to contribute their own content to your timeline or just add their comments. If you prefer, OurStory can be antisocial too; set it so no one can help you or see the timeline you're filling out.

OurStory is integrated with Blurb, which will print any timeline into an actual book. Creating a timeline is free, but if you want stepped-up features-- like the ability to make multiple timelines, and control, down to a single person, who can see and add content to your story--you'll have to shell out $40 a year.