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OSBC Event preview: Open source roundtable interview

There is nothing like a little bit of self-serving open source analysis in the morning.

With OSBC coming up tomorrow and Wednesday, InfoWorld gathered up several open source folk (including me and Matt Asay included) to lend perspective on the lay of the land.

Since its emergence, open source has embodied this spirit. Part defiant, part self-reliant, and often outspoken and opinionated, those immersed in the community have worked both in tandem and at odds, all with the intention of pushing the movement in as many worthwhile directions at once.

So worthwhile that the drumbeat of business can now be heard in nearly every corner of community, drawing the attention of vendors and capitalists alike. And with greater attention and potential has come a measure of added strife. Questions of selling out and just desserts surface more frequently, yet not to the jeopardy of the endeavor, as the code keeps proliferating, thanks to those who participate.