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Oral-B smart toothbrush will tell you how to brush

This new toothbrush hooks up with a smartphone app to dispense advice on your brushing habits.

The Oral-B SmartSeries electric toothbrush with built-in Bluetooth.
The Oral-B SmartSeries electric toothbrush with built-in Bluetooth.

A new toothbrush will play virtual dentist in the privacy of your own bathroom.

Created by Procter & Gamble for its Oral-B brand, the upcoming Oral-B SmartSeries electric toothbrush will use Bluetooth to connect with its companion smartphone app, Reuters said Thursday. Your own dentist can help program the app so you can pay attention to the trouble areas inside your mouth.

"Dentists always tell us: 'People do a great job in the week before they come to visit us and in the week after they visit us. But nothing can hide the fact that when we look inside the mouth we can see all the areas they miss,'" Michael Cohen-Dumani, global associate director for Oral-B, told Reuters.

Designed by professionals, the app can tell you when to move onto another area of your teeth and caution you if you're brushing too hard, Reuters added.

"It will guide you in terms of how to brush, and you will be able to fully personalize the brushing routine for you," according to Cohen-Duman.

Slated to debut at Mobile World Congress next week, the connected toothbrush will cost $219 in the US when it launches later this year. That's a bit more than your average US dentist charges for a check-up, but not a bad deal if it prevents that next nasty cavity.

CNET's first take of the toothbrush will help you decide if this is a product you'll want to sink your teeth into.