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Optimize contact information for phones with Schmap

Make your business site's contact information a little easier to get to for your mobile users with Schmap's mobile optimization tool.

Map guide and platform company Schmap has a cool, free service that lets anyone put in a small, mobile phone-optimized contact information page on their site with just a line of code. This is in case you want to take information like your address, phone number, and e-mail address and improve the way it looks on mobile devices.

It shines on the iPhone, but has been set up to work with other smartphones, and provides a built-in map and shortcuts to call you up, with a small sticky note that goes on the top of your home page. When users click on this note, they'll be taken right to that special contact page, letting them save time trying to hunt around your site for an address or phone number.

It's aimed mostly at businesses, but could make a handy addition to your personal site or portfolio in case you want to make it easier for folks to contact you, while forgoing possible spam by keeping that information out of your page's source code.

All you have to do to put one together is fill out a form with your business' information. You can match this page up to the colors on your site, and when finished, it'll spit it out into a few small lines of code that you drop in the header. Any changes you make on Schmap will be reflected back on that page since it's hosted on Schmap's site and not yours. There's also a neat editor that shows you what that page will look like as you're making the changes.

When turned on its side, iPhones will display contact information with a map, too--all without having to kick you off to another application. CNET Networks