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Opera's new built-in VPN lets you bypass geoblocks

Virtual private networks are mainly used by people hoping to boost their privacy or access region-blocked content.

The desktop version of the Opera browser will soon have a free built-in VPN service.

The desktop version of the Opera browser has just been updated with a free built-in VPN service. That's a big deal for those who are looking to bypass geo-restricted content gates.

A virtual private network (VPN) services allows users to hide their location and is mostly used by those concerned privacy or wanting to access content only available in certain countries. Opera's integrated VPN will offer users unlimited data as well, unlike many other free VPN services.

The company's move to provide users with the service comes at a time where content providers, such as Netflix, have become more strict on blocking users from accessing content not in their region.

Opera says that speeds under the VPN will be fast enough for users to watch some HD content, although Full HD (that's 1,920x1,080 pixel resolution) will require some buffering. A company spokesperson also told CNET that there are "no plans for a paid version" of the service with faster speeds or enhanced features.

However, the company declined to comment on whether the VPN service will work in China. The browser company will soon be sold to a Chinese consortium, and use of VPN services are typically frowned upon behind the Great Firewall of China.

A developer version of the browser can be downloaded here.