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Opera's latest update adds bookmark-sharing feature

The latest version of the Opera browser for desktops comes with a new tool that lets you share multiple bookmarks at once.

Opera's new bookmark sharing feature at work. Screenshot by Aloysius Low/CNET

If the idea of pasting URL after URL to someone seems tedious, Opera's latest version is set to address this. The Opera 26 release comes with a new bookmark sharing feature that consolidates a list of links and makes it easy to share.

Instead of pasting 10 different URLs and then having your friend manually open each link, you now just need to add these web addresses to a bookmark folder and then hit the share button.

Opera will then upload your bookmarks to an anonymous link accessible by any browser. As it's meant to be visual, users can also choose between several different screenshots for each bookmark -- and in the case of say, a hotel booking, be able to quickly view prices in the screenshots without having to click through to the actual site.

Check out this bookmark sharing link of my CNET mobile phone reviews to see what it looks like.

The update also includes a new built-in print preview, a more native experience for OS X users and now that Opera has upgraded its Linux version to the stable channel, a Linux version with the same features as Windows and Mac browser.