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Only2Clicks does eye-friendly start pages

Make a pretty looking start page of Web thumbnail previews with Only2Clicks.

Only2Clicks is one of the few Web services I've seen lately whose name tells exactly what it does. The concept is pretty straightforward--set up your favorite Web sites, and the service will load them up in a grid, with photo thumbnails for each. You can add and remove any number of sites, and the thumbnails will be refreshed each time you reload the page. You can also re-organize the links with simple drag and drop. The idea is to set Only2Clicks as your start page, so you'll be able to quickly eyeball each site before figuring out where you want to go.

This isn't a new idea by any stretch of the imagination, and in fact Opera built in similar functionality to their browser earlier in the year with their Speed Dial feature. What sets Only2Clicks apart, however, are its tabs, which let you create as many pages of linked thumbnails as your heart desires. Each one can be set as your home page by dragging a permalink on the top to the home button on your browser.

Alternately, for IE users, there's a plugin called IE7Pro, which has an "Easy Homepage" option, which accomplishes a similar effect with pretty looking thumbnails. You can read our hands-on with it, or download it from CNET's If you're a Firefox user, you could also use the MyPortal extension which will create a live link cloud of all your bookmarks in their correct hierarchy. This is incredibly helpful if you have all your links organized into folders. Rafe and I are partial to using Netvibes to organize our favorite sites. While it may lack the pretty thumbnails, you actually get to see what's on the page before you bother visiting, which might save you a click to begin with.

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Make your own start pages, full of live icons to click on with Only2Clicks. CNET Networks