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Office 2.0 Launchpad rundown

Nearly 20 companies are making super quick product and service announcements this afternoon. We're blogging it on the spot.

The Office 2.0 Conference is only two days long, and in that time there are dozens of announcements big and small from a wide array of productivity and business companies. Amidst the bevy of panels, and discussions lies the launchpad event, a small 45-minute time slot carved out for product announcements. It's basically everyone's chance to show off their stuff, or as much as they can in the brief three minute allotments. Here's a rundown:

    • Zoho, mentioned itsits Zoho Business platform, which they launched this morning. We've got a full story on it here.
    • Veodia, the live broadcasting folks are launching a new portal for the iPhone and iPod touch. The team has been live broadcasting conference coverage all day.
    • TimeBridge is launching the public beta of its personal scheduling manager. It's a little bit like CircleUp (coverage) meets Outlook, to lets you sync up your scheduling decision with your Outlook or Google Calendar. Previous Timebridge coverage can be found here.
    • Pano Logic has a really neat piece of hardware that does "zero client computing." This means with a server setup, you can get little portable computers that run off of these little metal cubes. This is great for small businesses who want to save some cash on desktop hardware, or who want to fool their employees into thinking they're in the future.
    • OpenSAM discussed creating an open set of standards for sharing online file types and information. ShareOffice is adding calendars from Jotlet, and conferencing from Persony. They've also built an iPhone app for accessing documents on ShareMethods.
    • Nozbe announced its business service, which features project collaboration for small and medium sized businesses. The team has also put together an iPhone-friendly version of the site for users to access projects on the go.
    • gOffice has a really nifty service that lets you type a Microsoft Office document on your iPhone. You can type to your heart's content, add a custom signature, and even get gOffice to print it out and send it (via snail mail) to wherever you want for a small fee.
    • Hey look, it's Editgrid spreadsheets on your iPhone.

    • EditGrid talked about the freshly launched iPhone and iPod touch optimized version of the online spreadsheets service. The new tweaks make the site finger friendly and take advantage of the built-in keyboard on both devices for text and data entry. You can also work on the same spreadsheet as someone using the desktop version, and both of you will see the edits happening in real time.
    • Docgle, a document management service, didn't show anything off, but announced they'd be opening up the beta in a few weeks. The site is now accepting invite requests on the landing page.
    • Diigo showed off the new WebSlides service, which turns your bookmarks into an annotated slideshow. We've got a hands-on with it here. In the meantime, you can give it a spin at
    • Caspio gave a brief overview of ExpressDB, the new service, which lets you database-enable forms without having to know anything about coding.
    • ThinkFree talked about the public beta of the Premium Edition of Thinkfree Office, and the Thinkfree userbase, who have shared over a million documents on the service as of last month.
    • No pitch, but new companies and services:

    • Coghead, launched a new Business Essentials service this morning, which has a small collection of pre-built apps for small business collaboration.
    • Huddle, the U.K. based team collaboration app is launching a U.S. version this morning.
    • Move & Play is a new company for sending data back and forth from your iPhone. Working services and apps include Facebook, Apple's iTunes and iPhoto among others. More on this one soon.
    • Persony launched the second version of its audio and video conferencing service yesterday. This is the same technology you find in WebEx and Microsoft Live Meeting. Persony also offers white label versions for businesses to brand their conferences.