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Now-dead Mixwit offers escape hatch for user data

Now-defunct mix tape service Mixwit gives users a chance to salvage their playlists to play once again.

Dying companies should take note of Mixwit's strategy to preserve user data. The now-dead mix tape-sharing service, which closed its doors in late December, is now offering users a way to save their mixes and tape designs for reuse elsewhere.

Former Mixwit users received an e-mail early Wednesday detailing how to download a permanent archive of their mix tape data which includes both a track list and the design of their virtual cassette tape. This data will continue to be hosted on through April, giving users about a month to make a back up.

While Mixwit is no longer hosting the tools that let you build these tapes, or the players that can be embedded in social-networking profiles and blogs, the good news is that the idea behind the site is still very much alive. The project has moved on to, which lets you accomplish a similar feat by hosting everything on your own server. This isn't as user friendly, or mass market as Mixwit was, but should be a healthy alternative to the project.

Users still looking to get their hosted mix tape jones can always use services like GrooveShark, 8Tracks, and

Former Mixwit users now have the option to download the contents of their old mix tapes--except for the music tracks that is. CNET Networks