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Novell Hit With $834 Million Lawsuit

NTC files whopping lawsuit against Novell. The $834 million suit, which was filed in Federal District Court, charges the NetWare giant with illegal business practices.

SANDY, Utah--Novell is getting a lump of coal in the company stocking this holiday season. Tiny Network Center has filed an $834 million suit against the Netware giant, charging antitrust violations.

Charging Novell with using illegal business tactics, the distributor of discounted network software filed the suit in Federal District Court. One NTC official claimed that Novell has systematically threatened the company's vendors and customers in order to injure its business.

NTC claims that Novell regularly manipulates prices to hurt companies reselling NetWare that the networking software giant doesn't like. NTC officials plan to file a class-action suit based on these claims in the near future. The company is asking other resellers to join the fight. Those interested can send email to CompuServe 102466,1612.