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Nintendo's new Wii channel brings social democracy to your living room

Wii's got a new channel and it lets you vote on things.

I got a press releaseabout Nintendo's new social democracy channel this morning, but not before I had already noticed it while checking the Wii's weather channel between bites of cereal (yeah I'm that guy). The new channel--called "Everybody Votes"--is a simple yes-or-no voting system with a gorgeous interface. It might be the most colorful and well-designed Wii channel yet.

Everybody Votes allows Wii users to vote on simple questions. It also allows you to suggest your own poll to be featured on the service. The entire voting process is done using your self-created Wii profiles called Miis. Your Mii is your vote, and to cast it you simply need to pick it up (using the remote of course) and drop him or her onto your answer of choice. There's also the option to predict which side of the argument will have the majority, which gets tracked in your Mii's profile. After you've voted on a number of issues, the channel will provide you with more advanced statistics, like how "tuned in" you are, and alternately, how much your vote differs from the popular opinion.

The service is reminiscent of several Web voting platforms (see EasyPoll and Buzzvote), but what really gets me is how much more enjoyable of an experience this is than an actual election in person or by mail. If we could get a system this simple and efficient for state and federal elections, I think most people would prefer remote control voting in their pajamas.

Below is a video overview of the service from YouTube user VOOK64: