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Nike wants to build a deeper relationship with you through its app

The revamped Nike+ app will showcase new products and provide personalized news and training tips.


Nike is creating a personalized retail experience to appeal to athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

The nation's largest sportswear maker on Wednesday unveiled a revamped Nike+ app at its annual Nike Innovation Summit event in New York.

Nike has watched as competitors snap up popular fitness apps. Rival sportswear brand Under Armour has acquired MapMyFitness and popular nutrition tracker MyFitnessPal. Meanwhile, Asics, the second most popular maker of running shoes, acquired Runkeeper, while Adidas joined the digital race when the company bought Runtastic.

Nike already has the Nike+ Training Club for aerobic exercise and Nike+ Running app. While the new app will integrate with existing ones, the main focus won't be on fitness, but rather on providing a retail experience that is tailored to a user's specific needs and interests.


The app aims to become a one-stop shop for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, with information on the latest product releases and news on Nike athletes. A news feed will provide users with a selection of personalized stories and training tips from coaches and trainers.

The app will also showcase the latest footwear and apparel, tailored to you based on what sports and activities you show an interest in. You will also be able to speak with Nike+ experts directly in the app and schedule one-on-one appointments in select stores.

The new Nike+ app is scheduled to roll out in June.