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Newsvine re-launches, jumps into new territory

Newsvine has added a single page aggregation service to its front page.

Newsvine, an increasingly popular news aggregation and community content publishing site, re-launched yesterday, re-branding its front page as a single page aggregator. Users can now add and re-order content modules such as weather, sports tickers, and photo slide shows. They can also add RSS feeds from external Web sites (like ours). According to the team's blog post, the addition of modules was the most commonly requested feature by users.

The change has put Newsvine in the running as a single-page aggregator, a crowded area we took a look at last month. While Newsvine doesn't seem to pose an immediate threat to some of the big players like Netvibes and Pageflakes, it's the only single-page aggregation service available that has a community of people creating and sorting written content in the same place--something that's likely to make users return.

The new front page of Newsvine has modules that can be moved around. Users with wide-screen displays also can extend it out to the sides. CNET Networks