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News roundup

Here's what else has been going on in the world of Webware.

--Self-promoting Google tips disappear (CNET After coming under the collective assail of tech bloggers for using "tips" to promote its own products, like Google Calendar and Google Maps, Google appears to have pulled the feature.

--LinkedIn launches LinkedIn Answers (Mashable!) Business-oriented social networking site LinkedIn has introduced a feature in which you can ask questions to members of your "network," somewhat like Yahoo Answers and the now-defunct Google Answers.

--Web 2.0 hits The Street (CNET Wall Street news site, a very Web 1.0 operation, has invested in Stockpickr, a very Web 2.0 operation focused on finance-based social networking.

--AOL founder's next startup: Revolution Health (TechCrunch) Remember Steve Case? The AOL founder, who left the company in 2005, is previewing his latest endeavor, a well-being-oriented social networking site and information portal called Revolution Health.