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News roundup: Viacom vs. YouTube, Belgium hates Google, and Cisco security for consumers

Yikes, today we see (or don't see) YouTube pull videos, Google get into hot water in Belgium, and Cisco attempt to take over your home security.

>> MTV online strategy to help Viacom take on YouTube? Viacom wants you to watch clips of its popular TV shows on the Internet, but it doesn't want you to do so on YouTube. At the beginning of this month, Viacom had YouTube take down more than 100,000 clips of Viacom-owned content. Now it's spreading them out among its sites, including and

>> Belgian court rules against Google over copyrights. Belgian newspapers apparently don't like Google, as they've barred the company from caching its stories for news clippings. The argument is that the stories remain accessible even when they're no longer available for free viewing on the original news sites. A legitimate argument, but why scare away potential readers?

>> Cisco's new security target: consumers. Cisco Systems makes products for large companies and businesses, but its marked 2007 as the year to move into the consumer arena for products for your home. Security is the name of the game, and Cisco steps into the ring with Symantec, McAfee, and others to vie for your home's Internet security needs.

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