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News roundup: StumbleUpon,, Xbox 360 chat

Buyouts, video playlists, and live chat. Today's news for Wednesday, May 9th, 2007.

    • StumbleUpon/eBay talks heat up. The Wall Street Journal is reporting (registration required) that a deal between eBay and StumbleUpon to acquire the social networking and content recommendation service is getting closer. No agreement has been made on price, but the rumored amount brings it somewhere near $75 million dollars. If acquired, StumbleUpon's content preference algorithms could be employed on eBay's auction listings to give eBay users a new way to get recommendations on things they might want to buy. (CNET Blog)

    • launching video service. As reported by the Register in March, will release a music video service this week. users will be able to make their own sharable music video playlists, using high-quality video content from a number of legal independent content providers, with mainstream content from Warner and EMI on the way later this year. The new video service will still leverage's music recommendation technology to introduce people to new music. (via ReadWriteWeb)

    • Windows Live Messenger now on the Xbox 360. Owners of Microsoft's Xbox 360 can chat with others using Windows Live Messenger, now a part of the 360's system software. Live Messenger buddies show up alongside the regular friends list, and can live video chat via the Xbox 360's Live Vision camera. 360 users also get special status messages that show what game they're playing for anyone who sees them using the PC client. (via Crave)