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News roundup: MMORPG economies, resignations, and music videos

Social networks, resignations, and music videos are making the news today, Thursday, May 31, 2007.

    • BBC to broadcast in 'Second Life'
    • . BBC's show The Money Programme will broadcast on Friday both on regular television and in the MMORPG Second Life. This episode of The Money Programme deals with with the economies that have sprung up as a result of these micropayment-filled virtual currency markets, including World of Warcraft, Lord of the RingsOnline, and Second Life. The social network has played host to several other real-life events in the past, including concerts and business meetings.

    • Warner to put ad-supported video archive online
    • . Warner music is putting together a platform to deliver music videos and other music-related content for free. Users will also be able to purchase digital copies with an integrated marketplace that will be made available on mobile phones as well.

    • Yahoo's chief technology officer resigns
    • . Farzad Nazem, who had resided as Yahoo's CTO since 1996 has left his post at the Internet media company. His interim replacement will be Jerry Yang, who co-founded the company in 1994.

    • Mass deletion sparks LiveJournal revolt
    • . Popular publishing platform LiveJournal is currently experiencing a user revolt due to their deletion of hundreds of blogs the company deemed inappropriate. The service, which hosts approximately 13 million journals, has been deleting selected journals containing content that promotes pedophilia, or other topics or items that violate the terms of service. Many users who have had the content deleted are up in arms over LifeJournal's "delete first, ask questions later" approach.

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