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News Roundup: Live mail gets hotter, Mobile ESPN resurrected, + Warner, Job Resumes on Facebook

Windows Live Mail becomes Windows Live Hotmail. Mobile ESPN resurrected by Verizon. and Warner Music sign a deal for music sharing. Facebook and Jobster announced a partnership.

>> Microsoft sticks with Hotmail name. First it was Hotmail, then it was Windows Live Mail. Now it's Windows Live Hotmail. Will people still call it plain ol' Hotmail? Probably. The name change is reminiscent of the Cingular/AT&T debacle of late. Microsoft is choosing to keep the Hotmail moniker in its upgraded e-mail service, despite the vastly different interface.

>> Verizon breathing new life into Mobile ESPN. The Web-to-phone service that was originally offered as an MVNO and got axed less than a year later has been resurrected by Verizon as a part of its V Cast service. The Mobile ESPN service had less than a quarter million users at its peak. Verizon has more than 20 million phones in use that are capable of running the V Cast app.

>> to get Warner catalog. Good news for users: Warner Music signed a deal on Tuesday that provides with the entire Warner catalog. This includes over 20 popular music labels, making the music discovery service quite a bit more diverse in its offerings.

>> Jobster partners with Facebook. Jobster does jobs, Facebook does college students. It's a match made in heaven. Hear that clicking noise? It's the frantic removal of drunken party pics and other potentially non-boss-safe profile content from Facebook's 7+ million users.

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