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News round-up: Leopard spotty and Facebook *almost* respects your privacy

Leopard spotty and Facebook *almost* respects your privacy

Today Facebook announced modifications to the Beacon advertising program as CNet's Caroline McCarthy reports:

On Thursday evening, under heavy pressure from users, Facebook made some alterations to Beacon: "We appreciate feedback from all Facebook users and made some changes to Beacon in the past day," a statement from the company read. "Users now have more control over the stories that get published to their Mini-Feed and potentially to their friends' News Feeds."

That's better, but still not right as there is still no way to universally opt out of participation in the Beacon program.

And my former colleague Oliver Rist has had his share of Leopard problems, which means I am not the only one who has had issues.

Let's get it straight, however: I'm not any more against Leopard than I am against Vista. Both of them got too much wrong. I'll close with a little tidbit for that pudgy PC guy in the Apple commercials who's so sad because his users are "downgrading" to XP. Well, maybe they are?I know I did. But I'm writing this on an XP workstation right now because my Mac is busy reinstalling Tiger. Leopard can keep its glitzy crash-prone spots. I'll stick with the OS that really "just works"-for now.
You hear that Matt? I am not alone!