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YouTube Music will now let you roll between tracks and video

If you're jamming to tracks on YouTube Music, you can now easily watch the corresponding music video.

YouTube app on an iPhone

The YouTube video app will now allow users to easily switch between tracks and their corresponding music videos.

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YouTube Music fans, you can now easily switch between songs and music videos. With a tap of a button and no pause, subscribers can flip between tracks and videos, according to a blog post YouTube on Thursday. 

The new feature automatically sources a music track's respective music video. The video-sharing site says it's matched over 5 million tracks to videos. 

If listeners wish to turn off the video option, they can access their settings and slide "Don't play music videos" to "on." The option is available to both premium and non-premium members. The YouTube Music app, which launched in 2018, is available for both Android and iOS, and in over 60 countries ranging from Austria to Nicaragua. 

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Meanwhile, YouTube is cracking down on stream-ripping sites that pirate music. Last year in the US, paid subscription services brought the recording industry $4.66 billion in revenue. 

YouTube didn't immediately respond to a request for additional comment.