Network with other travelers using PairUp

Going on a business trip? Want to see others in your industry who are going? PairUp attempts to solve this problem.

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Josh Lowensohn

PairUp launched today at the Demo 07 conference. The service helps business travelers network with others going to the same event or locale. PairUp imports your Microsoft Outlook contacts, or you could also add them by name and e-mail address. You then enter basic trip information like hotel name, flight numbers, and the purpose of the visit, along with privacy options for how much of that information will be shared with others. When it finds connections with other PairUp users, it lets you know. From there you can contact those with similar travel plans and potentially save on shared expenses or gain a personal contact while on your trip.

PairUp would make a good compliment to other business-related social networking tools such as LinkedIn. Meeting other people in your industry prior to an event or conference is easily accomplished if you're well established, but for newcomers, PairUp a great way to make a connection without having to rely on introductions or meet-up events. See also AirTroductions.com.

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