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Netscape's Digg clone to relaunch as Propeller is on its way to being a portal page, so what's happening to their Social networking site? It will soon relaunch as

Well that was quick. Just a few days after Netscape's announcement that it was shelving its social news service away from the hallowed domain in place of what is essentially AOL's front page, the service has already been given a new name and URL. It's called (link dead ends right now), and that's about all Netscape's Director Tom Drapeau was willing to divulge about the rebranded site in his announcement post on the official Netscape blog.

The new logo is arguably well done, but what's missing here are some details about any tweaks or changes to the rudimentary functionality of the site, and what really separates it from Digg besides a layer of editorial funneling. If it's just a new logo and domain, Netscape has an uphill battle ahead in attracting new users, even with the free traffic that's bound to come from whatever promotion or integration it gets with the new portal site--which in my guess is going to be far fewer free eyeballs than Netscape got before.

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