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Netflix may be looking to revive another cult TV show

The online video company is talking to CBS about bringing back the sci-fi show "Jericho," says TV Guide.

Screenshot by Lance Whitney/CNET

Fans of the late sci-fi series "Jericho" could see the show popping up on Netflix if all of the myriad details can be ironed out.

The online video company has reportedly been speaking with CBS, the show's former network and production arm, about reviving the series, said TV Guide. CNET News is published by CBS Interactive, a unit of CBS.

A Netflix spokesman declined to offer any information, telling CNET that the company does not comment on rumors or speculation.

However, TV Guide reported that preliminary talks between Netflix and the network have already begun. CBS President Leslie Moonves revealed in February that the network was chatting with Netflix about doing a show together, the magazine added, speculating that the show in question was "Jericho."

Fans succeeded in saving the series from cancellation the first time around by sending CBS 20 tons of peanuts, a reference from the first season's final episode. But the show lasted only an additional seven episodes in its second season before being yanked off the air for good in 2008.

Several challenges await before the series stands a chance of life anew online.

The stars and producers would have to be rounded up, and their schedules freed to commit to a new season. Both Netflix and CBS would have to cough up the money to bring the series back into production, with some promise of a return on their investments.

"Jericho" focused on a small town in Kansas dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust that wiped out many of the major cities across the United States. The show's two seasons are currently available via streaming on Netflix.

If the details can be worked out, "Jericho" would join "Arrested Development" as the second former network show to be revived by Netflix. New episodes of the quirky Fox comedy are scheduled to stream on Netflix starting next year after being off the air since 2006.

Netflix's focus is still on acquiring movies and TV shows, but the company has been venturing into its own programming.

Beyond bringing back "Arrested Development," Netflix has been airing an original show called "Lilyhammer" and is eyeing two additional series, "House of Cards" and "Hemlock Grove."

"There's a huge amount of enthusiasm for the Netflix original content strategy," Netflix spokesman Steve Swasey recently told CNET.

Netflix's strategy also shows a growing market for shows that may not be cut out for the networks but can often find their niche online.