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Netflix Adds 'Two Thumbs Up' Rating for Content You Absolutely Love

Go ahead, give your favorite show and movies a double dose of thumbs-up.

Netflix logo
Netflix is looking to refine your recommendations list.
James Martin/CNET

Even the savviest Netflix users may occasionally find themselves stuck in a recommendation conundrum. Because you watched that one British crime drama from 2017 and gave it a thumbs-up, you can't escape the algorithm. If you liked it, Netflix suggests other titles in the genre that fill up an entire row. Now the streaming service wants to take things a step further.

On April 11, the streaming service rolled out its Two Thumbs Up feature, which is a way to double up on your enthusiasm for a TV show or movie. Currently, the basic thumbs-up and thumbs-down options signal that you either want to see similar content or send it to the trash pile. You like it or you don't. Netflix tailors your recommendations based on these ratings, your viewing history and how and when you watch.


Let Netflix know what you want with the new Two Thumbs Up option.


But when you click Two Thumbs Up, you'll be declaring your love for a particular title on the platform, and Netflix will sharpen its recommendation system for you. How does it work, exactly? As an example, the streamer says, "If you loved Bridgerton, you might see even more shows or films starring the cast" or from Shondaland, the production company behind the show. That means if you really dug Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, expect to see content suggestions featuring Tituss Burgess or comedies with quirky characters.

This rating feature is available whether you're streaming Netflix on a TV, mobile device or web browser. Once you click on the thumb icon to rate a title, you'll see the Two Thumbs Up option with a feedback message that says, "We know you're a true fan!" No need to email Netflix or figure out any of its hidden settings in order to tell the company how you really feel.

Netflix eliminated its five-star rating system back in 2017 and changed it to the more simplified thumb signal to express approval or disapproval. In addition to the personal preferences you choose when you first set up your profile, the thumb ratings help refine which titles best reflect your taste. The platform's algorithms also take into account the popularity of certain titles overall when suggesting your next favorite binge or movie. With this added feature, you can try taking your customization power to the next level.