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Negative Approach Blog - where the glass is half-full...of poison

Introducing the Negative Approach blog where Dave Rosenberg simultaneously flogs and loves enterprise software.

Me as a Simpson

For my first post I had originally planned something clever, maybe a self Q&A, or an anti-Microsoft rant or something totally random, but I realized I had already done those things already.

For those of you who don't know me, I am the CEO and Co-founder of MuleSource, an open source company. We develop infrastructure and integration software that competes with BigCos at somewhere between 10-20% of what they charge. We are considered a market disrupter as we provide a product that is both innovative and competitive to incumbents at a fraction of the cost.

I have written for a wide variety of publications both online and off. I spent two years blogging at InfoWorld (more than 650 posts-I checked) and brought my good buddy Matt Asay into the fold. Now he is a star pundit and I am riding his coattails. I have written a bunch of articles for CNET, ZDnet, IBM Developer Works, etc and did a few big-shot publications like Release 1.0 and BusinessWeek. In fact I have written so much meaningless folderol that I have accidentally quoted myself a number of times and had my own stuff quoted back to me from people who thought they were experiencing some kind of epiphany. Please feel free to search my epiphany archive the next time you are feeling frisky and you will find out that I too am unoriginal.

The main thread of this blog is to discuss how disruption in the technology market affects the companies in the space and the people who buy the products.

All of my writing is brought to you by lack of sleep and caffeine addiction. I reserve the right to post off-topic drivel in hopes that it will some day have context.